Teaching students of all musical backgrounds in a positive environment that fosters learning.
Due to COVID, online lessons are also an option for interested students. Please reach out for details.
Most lessons are conducted in my home music studio to provide the most focused learning environment.
Each student receives personalized private lessons based on their level, age, and personal goals.

“In 3 short months, Cheyenne was able to prepare my beginner daughter for an audition to be accepted into an arts school.”

Student's Parent

“We love working with Cheyenne! She is wonderful with children of all ages. She meets my son wherever he is at that day & it is such a relief to work with a teacher who really cares. My son has made so much progress under her guidance.”

Student's Parent

“Cheyenne is a wonderful teacher. She is very professional, kind, and patient and always made my daughter feel at ease. I highly recommend her!”

Student's Parent

“Cheyenne is a caring and encouraging teacher. My daughter looked forward to her lessons and developed her skills as a violinist.”

Student's Parent

Suzuki Certified Violin & Viola TeacherCheyenne Elwell

Cheyenne is an accomplished violin & viola player living in Seattle, Washington. She is classically trained on the violin and has been performing for the last 20 years. Cheyenne has been a part of various orchestras and symphonies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin & Philadelphia. She is a certified Suzuki teacher in violin & viola, and is a member of the Suzuki Association of Washington State.

At 29 years old, Cheyenne is passionate about teaching and has maintained a private music studio since 2016. Miss Cheyenne learned violin primarily through the Suzuki Method, and was greatly impacted by her private teachers who taught her not only how to play the violin with beautiful tone but also how to be a kind and nurturing person. As such, she primarily uses the Suzuki Method in her own teaching to offer her students the same rewarding experience. For more details on Miss Cheyenne's teaching methods, scroll down to the next section!
Registered Suzuki Courses

Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA):
Registered Training Core Units

  • Every Child Can!
  • Violin & Viola Unit 1
  • Violin & Viola Unit 2
  • Violin & Viola Unit 3
  • Violin & Viola Unit 4
  • Violin & Viola Teaching Strategies
Non-Violin/Viola Related Facts

Besides playing the violin & viola, I love indoor plants (especially succulents!), writing music, baking, and crafting.

When I’m not teaching, I also have another life of writing & coffee blogging. If you’re ever in need of a new iced coffee recipe or a new baking idea, you can find my food & coffee blog here — Baked, Brewed, Beautiful. Happy Brewing!

Miss Cheyenne primarily teaches her students using the Suzuki Method. This philosophy of teaching encourages teachers to create a positive and nurturing learning environment, thus allowing students to thrive and grow as musicians and as human beings. The Suzuki Method also strongly encourages parental involvement (for ages 3-12), at-home listening of repertoire, and group classes to allow for even more musicianship growth. For additional information on the Suzuki Method, please visit the Suzuki Association of the America’s site here. 

For adult students and for those who prefer to learn repertoire outside of the Suzuki repertoire, Cheyenne also teaches folk, fiddle, and other popular genres. She has a wealth of materials including contemporary and traditional violin & viola technique books to help you reach your individual musical goals. Lessons are ultimately centered around you, and she will work with you to help you get to where you need to be whether for personal, professional, or scholastic motives!


Here are some of the basics covered during lessons:

Ear Training: As part of the Suzuki Method, all students (whether Suzuki students or not) are required to listen to their current pieces at home on a weekly basis. Listening to the music repertoire helps develop students’ aural skills.

Music Theory: Students will learn how to read and compose music, score analysis, chords, relative major and minor keys, and more to provide them with a well-rounded understanding of music theory.

Repertoire: Tone exercises, scale patterns, etudes, articulation studies, and selections from music history will be used throughout lessons to provide a students’ with a diverse array of techniques.

Artistic Expression: Students are encouraged to express their artistic voice through a variety of  improvisational exercises, musical games, and their usual repertoire.

After every lesson, each student will also receive a detailed lesson summary along with a practice assignment for the following week. Get in touch today to schedule your free trial lesson!


As a strong believer that everyone has the same potential to learn an instrument, Cheyenne offers violin & viola lessons to all ages. She teaches students of all ages from youngsters to adults and all of those in between. Her youngest students start as early as the age of 3 years old!

Cheyenne is also passionate about teaching people of all backgrounds and abilities. She has experience teaching the violin and viola to people with intellectual and physical disabilities, and has adapted her teaching methods to accommodate and welcome all people into her music studio.


In-person lessons are held at my home music studio in the East Renton Highlands, Washington. Following CDC guidelines, I am currently accepting new students interested in in-person lessons. All new students receive a free trial lesson to give you a sense of my teaching style. Please feel free to reach out to schedule your free trial lesson or if you’d like more details on guidelines & procedures practiced in studio to keep everyone safe. Virtual lessons are also being offered— see below for details!


Virtual lessons are also offered via Zoom to accommodate anyone interested in taking violin or viola lessons from the comfort of their own home. A number of my students have been enjoying the ability to have lessons at home during this time, so they can continue to learn while feeling safe.

For virtual lessons, you will need a stable internet connection, a device with video capabilities, and an instrument. As there are many conveniences to virtual learning, I will continue to offer online lessons as an option beyond the pandemic. Get in touch today to schedule your free trial virtual lesson.


  • How do I set up a trial lesson?
  • How long & how often are lessons held?
  • Do you hold recitals & group lessons?
  • What are your rates?

All new students receive a trial lesson free of charge to help give you a sense of my teaching style and to see if we’re a good for each other as music partners. I will also leave some time at the end of the lesson for you to ask any questions you may have about lessons.

Please contact me to schedule your free trial lesson today!

For students under the age of 5, lesson options include: 10 min, 15 min, and 20 min. For students 5 & over, 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min are offered.

Regarding lesson frequency, lessons are typically held once per week to allow for a student’s best chance of success (not too much material and not too much time in between lessons to forget things). On a case-by-case basis, two lessons per week may be offered.

Group lessons* and recitals in which students can learn from each other is integral to the Suzuki Method.

Regarding recitals, students will perform in one formal group recital at the end of the year. For the past two years, I’ve hosted a virtual recital due to the pandemic.

*As of right now, group lessons are on hiatus until further notice. 

Lesson rates begin at $30, and go up from there depending on your desired lesson length.

Please contact me for accurate rates specific to your level & age.

Virtual Lesson Duets

Student, Sydney, and Miss Cheyenne play "Allegro" from Suzuki Book 1 as a warm-up piece for lesson.

Composition & Theory Lessons

Through online & in-person theory games, students learn to read music & compose music of their own.

Final 2021 Performances

Student, Erin (right), and Miss Cheyenne perform "Musette" together for the 2021 annual recital.

Instrument Maintenance

Stringed instruments can be difficult to maintain. Find a list of local repair shops, instrument retailers, and more.

For lesson rates & scheduling info,Contact me below!

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